Relationships Part 2

Relationships… again we are all in them Mothers, daughters, sons, uncles, friends etc. once upon a time there was true love…. but really in real life there is true love, we ARE love aren’t we? we are beings of energy of god, the universe, creativity, evolution…. we ARE love though. we come from it, we […]

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The Old Fashioned Way.

I’ve decided to live my life. Ok whats the big deal you ask? Well, I’ve decided to disconnect.  Obviously not completely I’m blogging here aren’t I? But I’ve decided to disconnect from social media.  To take a step back for the incessant need to post, video, record, display, publish, boomerang, layout, or my favourite NOT […]

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Experience and Growth.

Interestingly enough, YOGA has been something that has completely transformed my life. Yup. It sure did. Now there are SO MANY ways I could talk about this subject but I’m going to keep this dangerously simple. I teach yoga. I teach yoga almost everyday and have for 4 years. I have 200 hours of “recognized […]

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Relationships Part 1

Relationships we are all in relationships in one way or another. Friends, daughters, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends etc. I’m talking about romantic relationships. You know, the BIG L word. (hopefully) I can honestly say I do NOT remember the EXACT moment I knew I was in love. There was no shooting star, no gleam in […]

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